Features and Options
Standard Features and Specifications: 

Color Selection

Wall・Ceiling :White, Light Beige, Plain



Rain Shower (Built into the ceiling)

Relaxing and soothing rain shower warms your body and soul.




Built-in faucets and shower control system

Faucets and shower control (switch to rain shower) built into the counter for sleek look.





Stroage Counter

Most desirable part of the Orizzonte bath system is the storage counter. 

It has plenty of space for all thet toiletries. The shelving unit can act as a

bathtub tray where you can put your book, candle, and whatever your heart desires! 




Bath Tub Sizes

Ofuro is not complete without a Japanese style bathtub.

Following are the 3 different bathtub sizes. 

 -------- Model/Dimension--------
Model #1200:1200x800x450 (mm)
Model #1400:1400x800x450 (mm)
Model #1600:1600x800x450 (mm)





Other features

Shower head(water saving)/ bathtub cover / door / exhaust fan / lighting



Upgrade Options:

Wall Color/texture Options:Black、Green、Wood、Stone
Counter Cover Color Options:Black、Carmine、Brown
Other options include doors, handle bars, bathtub covers, metallic door frame, and
30% water saving shower heads are available. 



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